Standard equipment – by the definition of being “standard” or “off-the-shelf” – is sometimes just what your project needs. However, often a project is unique and requires custom design and manufacturing.  Dufrane excels in producing custom coils, transformers, and windings.

There are several approaches to Custom Design used in the custom coils, transformers, and windings industry. In this blog, we will break down the three different approaches we use at Dufrane Technologies.

Build to Print

If your engineering team has come up with a custom transformer or custom winding design for any electromagnetic coil component – we are more than happy to review the drawings, check the calculations and offer a quote for us to assemble the product at Dufrane.

Whether it’s a simple bobbin coil winding, or complex isolation step-down transformer, toroid coil transformer, single phase transformer or any small custom transformer, we can build it for you.

We can produce the key components ourselves (such as bobbins, cores, brackets, and connectors) in addition to the windings – OR – we can use the parts you choose to supply and finish the assembly (in addition to our windings).

Often we can even suggest design modifications to produce a more cost-effective, higher-performance custom coil solution – right from your own drawings.  Plus, we will support you from “Prototype through Production” to deliver the custom coils and transformers that you need to support your product.

Design and Build

Our design and build capabilities make Dufrane a complete one-stop shop for designing and building the custom coils and transformers that make your unique project come to fruition.

From the very beginning, our Sales and Engineering teams listen to our customers and help customers to design the exact custom part required for their projects.  We work closely with your team to get an understanding of your needs so we can meet your electrical and mechanical requirements.

Typically, those needs include custom requirements for environmental, vibration, and size/shape in addition to the electrical power conditioning requirement the system/circuit needs to power your system safely and efficiently.

Our Copper Coils are specifically designed to provide your project with the best possible electrical performance. Our Copper Windings have a high conductivity factor and offer superior durability in any environment or application. We work with our customers to ensure we design and build coils that meet their specific needs.

After an order is received, Dufrane will employ a unique Project Management approach (kick-off and project meetings as necessary, and customer service support) which allows you to be comfortable knowing you are a partner – not just a customer, from the very beginning!

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering most commonly arises from the need to replace extinct suppliers, obsolete parts, or if there are long lead times or quality problems (performance problems) with an existing or previous supplier.

Normally this involves a sample to analyze – and an understanding of the circuit of which the transformer is a component of. Exhaustive analysis and testing is performed to gain knowledge of the full mechanical and electrical properties of the part to ensure that materials that are equal to (or exceed) OEM specifications are used.

We work with our customers to gain a thorough understanding of the application and how the coil/transformer is used as part of determining the final product definition prior to our final production drawings being produced.

How can Dufrane help you with your custom coil needs?

Our team is experienced in meeting your special requirements for all types of custom coil-winding projects.   Our unique casting and molding capabilities allow us to meet stringent environmental (Temp, Humidity, Vibration, Shock, etc.) requirements (over molding, coating, and encapsulation). We offer competitive prototype custom transformers (no minimums unless suppliers have minimums for raw materials) and coil winding expertise – and with our in-house machining capabilities, we can supply limitless choices for mounting, cabling, and termination on all Dufrane custom coils and electromagnetics.

Some of the industries we support include Rail, Electric Utilities, Industrial Manufacturers of Electrical Products, Industrial Plant Automation, Aerospace & Defense, Medical, and Robotics – to name just a few.

For more information or a quote on our custom design capabilities for copper windings and electromagnetic coils, please contact us at or call us at (860) 379-2318. And of course – visit our website  We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and find the perfect solution for you!