Utility/Power Grid

Dufrane has been providing custom electromagnetic solutions for the electric utility industry for more than 30 years. In fact, we are established as a key supplier for custom electromagnetic products to replace literally hundreds of obsolete and discontinued electromagnetic windings and solutions used in Power Generation, Substation and Distribution. As an example, Dufrane produces genuine GE Replacement transformers, current transformers, pulse transformers by the thousands which are distributed to thousands of electric utility customers across the globe.

These parts are an excellent example of our ability to perform build-to-print projects, contract manufacturing, reverse engineering and obsolescence solution in the world of custom electromagnetic winding, custom transformers, reactors, chokes, and current transformers.

Please contact us with your project needs for current transformers, small custom transformers, and other custom electromagnetic windings.

Here are some examples of the products which Dufrane manufactures for the Utility / Power grid.

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