Contract Manufacturing

Dufrane has a number of large contract manufacturing customers, not only for building small custom transformers, custom windings, and other electromagnetic products, but for assembly of a wide variety of small products. Our large 80,000 square foot facility has everything needed to produce, test, package and ship a wide variety of products. If you have special machinery needed for completing your product, Dufrane has the room to keep this machinery at our facility. Dufrane can even keep your inventory on our shelves to allow you to be more responsive to your customers.

In addition to producing custom transformers and custom electromagnetic windings, Dufrane will add value to the project to include overmolding, housings, terminals, sealing, mounting brackets, machined parts and many other capabilities to simplify and consolidate your supplier lists (and BOM).

Here are some of the capabilities that Dufrane has which makes us a choice partner for your contract manufacturing projects:

Machining Center

  • Dufrane has a fully equipped modern metal working shop for fabrication/machining custom components and enclosures.
  • Several CNC Machining centers
  • Punches
  • Shears
  • Tooling/Custom Tooling
  • Brakes
  • Lathes grinding / sanding
  • Tinning / soldering
  • Machining and sheet metal fabrication
  • Painting

Transformer Design and Assembly

  • Toroid winding machines
  • Bobbin winding machines
  • Coil winding machines
  • Encapsulating (Varnish Impregnated custom transformers and windings as well as epoxy encapsulation)
  • Cross-Trained, experienced operators
  • Dedicated testing capability

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