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Dufrane has the right team, knowledge, experience, and technology to produce a wide range of custom coil winding solutions for all of your high integrity and high performance electrical coil winding requirements, including Industrial Transformers and Military Transformers.

Custom Coil Products:

Custom Transformers of all types including Toroid Coils, Inductor Coils, Reactors, Single Phase Transformers, Step Up Transformers, Step Down Transformers, Power Transformers, Chokes, Bobbin Windings, Custom Coil  Windings, Custom Coils, Military Transformers — from small transformers at only 10mW up to 3-phase transformers up to and over 100KVA.

Custom Transformer and Coil Winding Capabilities:

Our Specialty is meeting your special requirements for all types of coil-winding projects.  Custom Transformers and Custom Coils of all types – up to 100KVA – can be supplied “Build to Print”, designed in house, produced via contract manufacturing agreements, and even reverse-engineered to solve difficult obsolete custom transformer and custom coil winding problems.  Our unique casting and molding capabilities allow us to meet stringent environmental (Temp, Humidity, Vibration, Shock, etc.) requirements.  We offer competitive prototype custom transformers (no minimums) and coil winding expertise – and with our in-house machining capabilities we can supply limitless choices for mounting, cabling and termination on all Dufrane custom coils and  electromagnetics.

Custom Transformer Applications:

Dufrane Custom Transformers, Toroid Coils, Small Transformers, Step up and Step Down Transformers, and custom electromagnetic coil winding solutions can be found in such applications and industries as military/defense transformers, Defense Industry, Rail, Electric Utility, Marine and Medical industries.

Custom Machining:

Did you know that Dufrane now has full in-house machining capabilities?  With a number of high end milling machines and CNC lathes we can accommodate most of your machining needs, whether or not you need our advanced electromagnetic coils and custom coil winding!

This expanded capability also enables us to add value to our custom electromagnetic solutions – not only providing you with the highest quality coil windings and custom transformers to solve your power system challenges, but also providing you with a more complete product.  Our machining capabilities have expanded to include a number of state of the art multi-axis milling machines, and we now offer the ability to be a stand-alone resource for precision machined parts.  Contact us with your machined parts requirements!

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