A leader in custom coil capabilities, Dufrane Technologies has the right team, knowledge, experience, and technology to produce a wide range of custom coil winding solutions for all of your high-integrity and high-performance electrical coil winding requirements, including Industrial Transformers and Military Transformers.

Custom Coil Products

Dufrane produces custom coil solutions to meet your high-integrity and high-performance electrical conditioning requirements.

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Custom Transformers

We can supply custom transformers, transformer coils, and custom winding of electric coils on a “Build to Print” basis with value added engineering as necessary — or produce our own Custom Transformer, and electric coil custom winding solutions designed in house.

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Custom Machining

Dufrane’s full in-house machining capabilities  includes a number of high-end milling machines and CNC lathes that can accommodate most of your machining needs, whether or not you need our advanced electromagnetic coils and custom coil winding.

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Custom Solutions for Complex Problems

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Let our combined 150+ years of experience assist with your project.

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