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At Dufrane, our specialty is the ability to meet the requirements of your special custom transformer and electromagetics needs using a solution-based approach.  Whether it’s Custom coils and Custom Windings, Small Custom Transformers, 3 Phase Transformers, Current Transformers, Power Transformers, Toroidal Transformers (Toroids), Chokes, Reactors and Inductors, etc. – our engineers and facilities allow us to produce state-of-the-art Custom Windings solutions to meet your needs.  This includes Custom transformers of all types.

Our versatility includes small printed circuit board transformers, single phase transformers and toroidal transformers from 10mW to 25KVA as well as 3 phase transformers from 7VA to 75KVA. Your “Special Application” can be designed with any style of custom termination required.  That’s our specialty.

Our capabilities include the following areas of expertise in the area of industrial electromagnetics including custom small transformers, custom windings, and custom coils to serve you:

  • Build to Print and Contract Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering (including obsolete transformers)
  • Design and Build
  • Machining
  • Custom Windings
  • Special Materials and Processes

a broad range of state-of-the-art computerized winding equipment to precisely wind a variety of materials up to 24″ in diameter.  Our 100,000 square foot facility enables us to produce large volume electromagnetic, custom transformers and custom windings orders on a regular contract manufacturing basis.

Our advanced testing equipment and quality team test and certify 100% of all completed devices before they ship.

We typically use special materials and processes to ensure the environmental integrity of each transformer, winding, coil, inductor, reactor, choke, isolation transformer, etc. will meet the environmental requirements of your special project, including VPI, Epoxy encapsulation and molding, Plastisol, and many other materials as needed.

In addition, we can provide design services leveraging our talented engineering team for a complete turnkey transformer design – and manufacture those very designs.

We also specialize in build to print/contract fabrication of your own designs, with value added engineering to effect potential cost savings, product improvement.

Are Obsolete components a problem for you? Don’t worry, it’s a problem for many – Dufrane has the ability to reverse engineer Custom Coils, Custom Windings, Custom Transformers to solve those problems and keep your production line going.

Dufrane’s team can rapid prototype custom transformers (no minimums) so you can check the product before a production run.

With our in-house machining capability, we can supply limitless choices for mounting, cabling and termination on all Dufrane custom electromagnetics.

Our Quality is legendary; we are typically running between 98-99% quality rating on returns which includes small high volume runs.
We are ISO9001:2015 Certified.