3-Phase Transformers


Single and 3-Phase transformers play a key role in long distance power distribution, regional grids, local grids, industrial and business facilities.  3-Phase power transformers by design are constructed by winding three single phase transformers on a single core.  The 3-Phase transformer design allows copper and core to be used more efficiently, so 3-Phase transformers will be more compact, more cost effective, and lighter than three individual single-phase transformers.

Normally, 3-Phase transformers have at least 6 windings – 3 primary windings and 3 secondary windings.

Dufrane’s 3-Phase Transformers typically fall into the category of Dry Power Transformers, Step Up or Step Down Transformers, Isolation transformers, Control transformers, and many other configurations and types to suit your specific custom transformer requirements.

Options and considerations include meeting size/envelope requirements, weight, multiple taps, sealing (varnish impregnation, potting, enclosures) and electromagnetic winding designs to create the exact electrical output your system/circuit requires.

Here are some examples of some recent 3-Phase transformer designs for some of our customers.

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