Build To Print Electromagnetic Coils & Windings

Dufrane offers a “Build to Print” coil winding capability to our more advanced customers.  If your engineering team has come up with a custom transformer or custom winding design for any electromagnetic coil component – we are more than happy to review the drawings, check the calculations and offer a quote for us to assemble the product at Dufrane.  Whether it’s a simple bobbin coil winding, or complex isolation step down transformer, toroid coil transformer, single phase transformer or any small custom transformer, we can build it for you – AND offer our own engineering review to insure that the custom coil design is optimized for optimal cost, size, performance and manufacturability.

Dufrane’s experience qualifies us as a leading supplier of high reliability power solutions including custom windings, precision custom coils, small custom transformers, chokes, reactors, inductor coils, step up transformers, step down transformers, and other custom electromagnetic coil solutions.  We are experts in Build-to-Print manufacturing or your own custom coil design, and offer complex test services for military applications, industrial transformer applications, and electric utility/power grid support. Dufrane’s engineering staff offers value added service – we will review your custom coil design and offer suggestions based on years of coil winding expertise / design changes to optimize the design for performance, longevity, and manufacturability (lowest cost while optimizing performance) of these custom coils.

We are the right choice of partners for any small custom electromagnetic coil manufacturing project:

Custom Coils and Transformer Design and Assembly

  • Toroid winding machines
  • Bobbin winding machines
  • Coil winding machines
  • Encapsulating (Varnish Impregnated custom transformers and windings as well as epoxy encapsulation)
  • Cross-Trained, experienced operators
  • Dedicated testing capability

Please contact us to learn more about what Dufrane can do for you with regards to Build-To-Print designs and discuss your application.

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