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Dufrane’s goal is to TEAM with customers to design and build your custom winding/custom transformer solution. From the very beginning our Sales and Engineering teams will LISTEN to our customers and help customers to design a number of possible custom transformer solutions for consideration.  After an order is received, Dufrane will employ a unique Project Management approach which allows you to be comfortable knowing you are a partner – not just a customer, from the very beginning!

Each Custom Transformer is expertly designed to meet the specific needs of the customer. Dufrane listens to a customers needs. We will work closely with you to get an understanding of your needs so we can meet your electrical and mechanical requirements.

Typically, those needs include custom requirements for environmental, vibration, and size/shape in addition to the electrical power conditioning requirement the system/circuit needs to safely and efficiently power your system.

Dufrane will even accommodate special design requests for customers with special custom transformer design concerns.

Dufrane can do all this because of a strong emphasis on Transformer Design Engineering.

Dufranes engineers are some of the best and brightest transformer design engineers available in the industry. Our Electrical engineers have automated tools to help make our designs the best in the world. Dufrane has complete Auto-Cad and 3-D capabilities to share with client so that mechanical designs are right on.

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