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Custom Coil solutions:

Dufrane produces custom transformer and custom coil solutions to meet your high integrity and high-performance electrical conditioning requirements including –

Transformer Power Capacities

Our capacities range from small transformers at only 10mW up to 3-phase transformers up to over 100KVA.

Designed or “Build to Print” Transformers:

We can supply custom transformers, transformer coils, and custom winding of electric coils on a “Build to Print” basis with value added engineering as necessary — or produce our own Custom Transformer, and electric coil custom winding solutions designed in house.  Our large facility allows us to produce custom wound coil components on a contract manufacturing basis.  We are able to reverse-engineer older and obsolete small transformers and cusstom transformers to solve difficult obsolete custom transformer problems (quickly).

Special Custom Transformer Design Features:

Our capabilities allow us to build custom copper wire coil products that also meet stringent environmental and application requirements by utilizing special materials and processes such as Varnish and Liquid Resin impregnation, Epoxy encapsulation, Plastisol encapsulation, and vibration and shock mitigation, whether a surface mount small transformer, toroid transformerair core reactorinductorchoke or Single phase or 3 phase transformer.

Prototype Custom Transformers:

We offer competitive prototype custom transformers (no minimums) and with our in-house machining capabilities we can supply limitless choices for mounting, cabling and termination on all Dufrane custom wound coil solutions.

Custom Transformer Applications:

Dufrane Custom TransformersToroid Transformers, Small Transformers, and custom wound coil solutions can be found in such applications and industries as military/defense transformersDefense IndustryRailElectric Utility,Marine and Medical industries

Precision Machined Parts:

Our machining capabilities have expanded to include a number of state of the art multi-axis milling machines, and we now offer the ability to be a stand-alone resource for precision machined parts.  Contact us with your machined parts requirements.

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