Dufrane is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom electric coils and custom windings. We have the engineers and equipment to produce Precision layered coils in a vast array of round, rectangular, oval or other custom shapes. Our Custom wound electrical Coils may be multilayer, bobbin wound, wet wound (a variety of hi tech adhesives are used), dry wound, or precision freestanding coils.  Wire choices will depend on the design – round wire or flattened wire can be used depending on specification and performance requirements. Custom windings and coils can be designed for use in such applications as antennas, electromagnetic devices, solenoids, electromagnetics, sensors, microphones, speaker assemblies, in industries such as medical, robotics, measurement, defense and aerospace, transportation and many more.

Dufrane primarily uses copper, aluminum, or copper clad aluminum wire for its custom coils and windings. Copper wire is used for its premium conductive properties, in most cases. Aluminum wire can be substituted for weight-sensitive applications, or copper clad aluminum (CCA) wire can be used to reduce mass while retaining copper’s ease of soldering.

We work with inner diameters from 0.062” and tolerances are held to as tight as ±0.001” for smaller coils and ±0.003” for larger coils. Wire used in our custom coils and custom windings include several additional processes as necessary, like stripping, flattening, and tinning of the lead wires and also custom terminal configurations to create finished products ready for installation.

Electrical tests such as inductance, turns count, resistance testing and many others can be performed to meet customer requirements. Dufrane will also design and manufacture custom tooling in house with our mechanical design and machining capabilities.

Dufrane also serves as a contract manufacturer and can negotiate effective blanket orders as well as  maintain inventory on raw materials or even finished product on any customer part numbers.

Contact Dufrane today to discuss your application, requirements, design considerations, and business case – we will support you.